Claude Morin

The Story

Someone once said that “God’s dream is that you and I and all of us will realize that we are family, that we are made for togetherness, for goodness, and for compassion.”

Claude Morin grew up in a family that shared this view. His belief of remaining humble, kind, and thoughtful about others around him was his guiding force. Born in 1946 in Barnston, in the Eastern Township of Quebec, he and his siblings were raised with a strong sense of community. His parents, Louis and Julienne, valued hard work and attached high importance to better education for their sons. With those goals in mind, the family embarked on an adventure and moved to Orleans in 1959, in search
of a better future and of a promise of ample opportunities for the boys.

After a long period of battling lung and bone cancer, the Morin family lost Louis to the disease in 1981. His death left an impressionable mark on the family. In 1982, Daniel, Claude’s brother was also diagnosed with Hodgkin’ Lymphoma. Luckily, Daniel fought valiantly to beat the odds and survived the disease. Like so many other families, the Morin family were affected by cancer and found comfort in each other during these trying times.

In March 1986, after enjoying a nice dinner at Claude’s favourite restaurant, Al’s Steak House, Claude, and his brothers, Daniel and Gérald, embarked on a new journey and founded Morin Bros. Building Supplies Inc. The company rapidly gained recognition as a leader in bringing innovative building materials in the industry. From the beginning, their youngest brother, Gaston, participated in the success of the family business. Since its inception, the company proudly employs numerous family members, along with the many workers who are considered as their extended family. Throughout its existence, Morin Bros. has always been committed to building strong relationships with its employees and customers by treating them right and by offering ongoing support. With their strong sense of community, Claude and his brothers were also committed to support charitable causes like the Canadian
Cancer Society because of its direct impact on their lives. That is why when Claude Morin was first approached in 1988 by the St. Anthony’s Church Choir to help support the new fundraising campaign, he immediately accepted.

Cancer continued to affect the Morin family. In the early 90’s, their mother Julienne had a brain tumour removed, and in 1999 the disease took the life of their youngest brother Gaston. That same year, the family received a second blow with Daniel’s sudden passing. In 2000, following the difficult period, another brother, Hubert, joined the company. Morin Bros. continued their participation in raising money and awareness for the Canadian Cancer Society by sponsoring the Daffodil Gala in memory of all
their family members who had battled the disease. Claude and the Morin family recognized the importance of the Daffodil Gala and shared in their mission of raising funds to help eradicate cancer and to enhance the quality of life of people living with cancer. It is for those reasons Claude always agreed without hesitation to participate through the sponsorship and donations.

In preparation of Hubert’s retirement in 2013, it was decided that the company remained a family business. Claude led the foundation for the company’s future in ensuring the next generation’s development to the success of the family business. Sadly, after battling a degenerative lung disease, Claude Morin passed away on June 24, 2017. Morin Bros. Building Supplies Inc. is now led by the remaining founding brother, Gérald, and by second generation family members; Julie Morin Carisse (Daniel’s daughter) and Yanik Morin (Gérald’s son). They are supported by the strong contributions of Gaston’s sons, Philippe and Mathieu, and his wife Chantale. They all strive to follow Claude’s vision of remaining a successful family business supplying innovative products and services to the Ottawa construction community. That accomplishment was one of Claude’s greatest pride.

His family is what brought him the most joy. Claude’s wife Francine, his children; Josée, Benoit, Sophie, and Marc-André, his grandchildren and the rest of the Morin family are continuing Claude’s legacy in supporting Canadian Cancer Society – Research in Ottawa in his honour. Let’s envision Claude enjoying his greatest pleasures – drinking good wine, eating delicious food in great company.

On behalf of Claude, the Morin family would like to thank the Daffodil Gala, and especially Fulvia Marcantonio, for making this possible and for allowing us to be part of the fight against cancer for the past 30 years and for many years to come.